For your own good, stay away from this despicable and diabolical animal Isabell Agumbah who lives in Forked River, NJ or Barnegat, NJ.

Isabell Agumbah is a pathological liar, serial cheat, and I’m quite certain, a sociopath. Isabell Agumbah has no integrity whatsoever, has a sense of entitlement and is extremely disrespectful, arrogant, manipulative, deceitful, unfaithful, selfish, hypocritical, delusional, narcissistic and downright dangerous. 

Isabell Agumbah lied to me about just about everything and cheated on me with Craig Hirsch of Garwood, NJ, owner of Polyphase Electric in Garwood, NJ and quite likely, multiple other men. Isabell Agumbah would tell a lie even if the truth sounded better. Isabell Agumbah tells several lies about the same incident, only admitting as much as you have already figured out but swearing each time that she is finally telling you the truth. If you don’t like the last lie, just wait a minute because another lie is on the way. Isabell Agumbah is an imbecile who is nevertheless delusional enough to believe she can outsmart everyone. Isabell Agumbah seems really nice and sweet at first and will put up the act as long as she want or needs something from you, but Isabell Agumbah is evil personified.

Isabell Agumbah and Craig Hirsch lied to me and said they had never been romantically involved and were just friends, when they’d in fact dated before I met her.  Isabell Agumbah left my house in the middle of the night to cheat with him because I refused to sleep with her after she had been very rude and disrespectful to me. Isabell Agumbah admitted to cheating with Craig Hirsch once, but like I said, Isabell Agumbah only admits as much as she thinks you already know. I am certain she cheated with him and other men multiple times.

I watched her daughter for over 12 hours a day, several times a week over a couple of months while she was at work and cheating on me with other men. I pretty much did everything for Isabell Agumbah but she was lying to me and cheating on me the whole time. Isabell Agumbah has an incredible sense of entitlement and actually had the nerve to tell me that any man would have done the same. Isabell Agumbah had a problem with me talking to any of my female friends, exes or not, and said that she had to be with me if I went to see any of them. However, she used to make plans with Craig without even telling me about them and she expected me to be cool with it when I found out. She also admitted to deleting several exes from my Facebook accounts. However, Isabell Agumbah kept in touch with several other exes whom she claimed were just friends as well. | Whenever we got into a bad argument, she would start calling and/or texting Craig and other men right in front of me. Isabell Agumbah cursed at me every time she got angry but got very upset if I cursed at her and played the victim. Whenever I caught her in a lie (which was very often), Isabell Agumbah would try to make me feel stupid or crazy for even implying that she was lying. Isabell Agumbah thinks she is special and is entitled to do anything she wants but gets upset when she even suspects someone is doing the same things to her. Unfortunately I had no experience dealing with such lunatics before and didn’t see what I now know to be obvious characteristics of a sociopath. Isabell Agumbah always feel justified, no matter how horrible her behavior but feels there’s no excuse for even minor things you do to her. For instance, Isabell Agumbah spent every night after she thought I was asleep checking my email, texts, Facebook, WhatsApp and other messages, yet she became irate after I checked her emails after several months out of suspicion that she was lying and cheating on me. I found out from reading her emails that Isabell Agumbah has lied to and cheated on every boyfriend she has ever had. I also found out that she was messaging several other men and sending inappropriate messages and pictures.

Not surprisingly, this animal lied to everyone about the circumstances of our breakup. I broke up with her because I was tired of her manipulation, deceit, disrespect, total lack of integrity and what at the time was a suspicion that she had cheated on me, though Isabell Agumbah later did admit that she had cheated on me.  I found out from several mutual acquaintances that she had told people that I was a crazy and unstable drug addict and that I had broken her TV and window in anger because she broken up with me. Lmao! 😂😂😂

I had just broken up with Isabell Agumbah and she was begging me not to leave as she always did when I wanted to leave her, apologizing one minute and lying to me in the next breath. I did break the TV and window and while it was wrong and illegal, it was in response to her continued attempts to manipulate and deceive me till the end. I paid a fine for this and had no further contact with her. Isabell Agumbah however continued to contact me despite my repeated pleadings and warnings not to. Isabell Agumbah would call me and apologize to me one minute and then threaten me and my family, including my daughter who was a minor at the time when she couldn’t get her way and it became clear that I wanted nothing to do with her. I had to change my phone number twice to get the phone calls to stop. I repeatedly blocked her emails, so she started emailing me from several different email addresses.

Isabell Agumbah later brought false harassment charges against me, claiming that I did all the things that she had been doing to me. She is (or at least was) an undocumented immigrant and I believe she did this to get her Green Card under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). She had in fact told me that she was happy about the circumstances of our breakup because she “would get her papers because of it”. She would throw her own mother under the bus to get what she wants.

Among other things, she claimed that I had somehow gotten her email address and emailed her, when in fact I had blocked her and she emailed me from several different email addresses. Unfortunately, I had deleted all the emails and texts from her because I wanted absolutely nothing to remind me of the nightmare that is Isabell Agumbah, so I couldn’t prove that she was actually the one harassing ME. Sadly, I chose to plead guilty to the harassment because I felt the judge, who was later charged with a felony and forced to resign, was biased against me. It shows how incredibly stupid she is and how entitled she feels that she filed the harassment charges even  though she was the one harassing me. Luckily for the deranged psycho though, I had deleted the messages of her harassing me in an effort to move on.

Isabell Agumbah opened several blogs branding herself as a financial expert and domestic violence advocate and has been giving financial advice and advice on recognizing if you’re in an abusive relationship, etc. That’s incredibly laughable. She had next to no financial knowledge when we were dating and was abusive to me and her daughter. All her posts are clearly an effort to dilute the search results for her name and to hide my posts about her on cheater websites. Isabell Agumbah told countless lies about me to cover up the real circumstances of our breakup. It’s funny how she has no problem with spreading lies about me or anyone else, but has a problem with me spreading the truth about her. 

I didn’t waste much of my time reading all of what she posted, which I’m certain was 100 percent plagiarized because she’s a dunce and incapable of writing that well and knows next to nothing about those topics or indeed, anything else and is incapable of such complex thought, much less of articulating them so well. 

When I dated this imbecile, she had less than a rudimentary understanding of personal finance  and was unable to follow the  simple  budget I made for her. She would often spend her entire child support payment at the bar in a single night, while her daughter needed new clothes and other things despite me repeatedly telling her it was inappropriate to spend her child support money at the bar. I often wondered how (and if) she actually got a Masters degree in accounting given her lack of basic financial knowledge.

In several of her online posts, she claims to be a Fund accountant at State Street. I’m certain this is a complete falsehood as well, unless State Street is in the habit of hiring unskilled and inexperienced people with zero common sense.

It’s ironic that Isabell now fancies herself as a “Domestic Violence Victims Advocate”, given that she’d previously had a Temporary Restraining Order against her for assaulting her then boyfriend, who also happens to be her daughter’s father by throwing a drink at him in a nightclub and I had to stop her several times from beating her daughter excessively. Also, this hypocrite was guilty of essentially ALL the things she posted online about abusive partners.

On her “Domestic Violence Support blog”, Isabell Agumbah claims that:

“In September 2011, Isabell Agumbah found herself on the receiving end of a violent partner. She was attacked in front of her then two-year-old child, and the experience left her traumatized and fearful. Isabell lost her home, job, and car due to the violence and chaos that ensued thereafter. It is now her mission to use this blog to help women who find themselves in such difficult circumstances with information and resources that will allow them to thrive in a happy and healthy environment away from abuse and violence.”

I previously mentioned what actually happened when we broke up. Her daughter was nowhere around and was soundly asleep in her room. Isabell Agumbah called the police and then went to wake her daughter up. She claims that she “lost her home, job, and car due to the violence and chaos that ensued thereafter”. First, she lost her job by getting fired for breaking the law by working as an undocumented immigrant. Her “home” was an apartment she shared with me and her daughter which she willingly gave up because she had decided to move to Dallas, Texas to file for her green card, as the guy she had gotten into a sham marriage with for immigration purposes lived there. She told me that losing her job for being an undocumented immigrant made her realize that she needed to move to Texas and file for her green card. Lastly, even mentioning the car shows exactly how delusional she is. “Her” car, was a car that I owned outright and registered and insured with my own money that I let her use. Obviously, I took the car back  after our breakup. Domestic violence is a very serious issue, but Isabell Agumbah is only interested in self-promotion, not helping anyone.

 You need to stay away from dealing with this animal in ANY capacity at all costs. She is totally dangerous. She would have no problem ruining your life for her own personal gain. She would throw her own mother under the bus. She tells the most vicious lies about others but would go to any lengths to cover up her lies and to keep people from knowing the truth about her. 

I saw that this delusional bitch has a LinkedIn profile saying she’s an LPN. That I can actually believe because  becoming an LPN seems like a logical step up from being a home health aide/caregiver as she used to be. However, the manipulative bitch posted all over the internet that she “has extensive accounting experience” and is some kind of financial expert. Now this incredibly selfish and delusional sorry excuse for a human being wants everyone to believe she left her supposedly successful accounting career and took a huge pay cut to become an LPN?! Why, because of a deep abiding love of people and a desire to help them? Lol. 😂😂😂

It’s curious that she would have the time to work as a caregiver and an accountant at the same time, continue to work for State Street in New York while moving around between Texas and several places in New Jersey, was able to gain “extensive accounting experience” while studying to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, while dealing with the effects of her “traumatic” domestic violence incident, while in the United States as an undocumented immigrant. She does this and still found the time to travel the world extensively as she claims in her WordPress or other profiles, etc. And she was able to do all this extensive traveling while in the U.S. illegally and unable to enter the country if she left.  Lol. That should show anyone how incredibly deceitful and utterly crazy this lunatic is.

When I broke up with this animal, she lied and told me she was pregnant like she did everyone else who ever broke up with her, as I knew she would. When she lived in Zimbabwe, Isabell Agumbah had an affair with a man named Garth who was married with 3 kids. When he broke it off with her, she harassed him and his wife and claimed to be pregnant then as well.

Some guy posted a comment on one of the cheater websites I’d posted on and claimed that Isabell Agumbah was his wife. If that’s true, I honestly feel bad for him unless he’s a horrible person like she is. I would bet anything that she’s actively cheating on him and lying to him about everything. If she hasn’t been able to manipulate the system and get her green card already, he can bet his ass that she’s with him in order to get her green card.

When we were together and after I broke up with her, Isabell Agumbah tried to exploit whatever insecurities she perceived me to have. Isabell Agumbah tried to rub my face in the fact that she had been messaging and sending pictures back and forth to several men. She taunted me by asking if I was upset because Craig was better in bed than I was. She taunted me by saying she had slept with several other men as well. She ridiculed the fact that I’m diagnosed with bipolar disorder and tried to blame all our problems on that, though I never had any hypomanic episodes while we were together. She made fun of the fact that I was taking testosterone therapy to help with my chronic fatigue that was caused by then undiagnosed severe sleep apnea. She tried to blame me for her cheating. She made fun of the fact that I’m a disabled veteran.

I met her daughter’s father about a year after breaking up with this dangerous piece of shit. He told me that Isabell Agumbah told him when he left her that her biggest regret was not falsely accusing him of rape!!! What kind of deranged lunatic even thinks, much less says something like that???!!! He told me that she also harassed him and assaulted him by throwing a drink on him and filed a restraining order based on false pretenses against him. He told me Isabell Agumbah had lied to him about everything as well and cheated on him repeatedly and that he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from her when they dated. And that Isabell Agumbah also told him that she was going to poison their daughter’s mind against him and get her to accuse him of touching her inappropriately and Isabell Agumbah had also called the police and accused him of kidnapping their daughter while he was watching her after she had abandoned their daughter with him for 5 days and ignored his calls the entire time. The police refused to file charges, so she went to the County Sheriff’s Department and made the same allegations, with the same result. He told me that on the advice of attorneys and out of an abundance of caution, he was forced to make the exceedingly painful decision not to exercise his parental or visitation rights and not to see his daughter whom he loves and misses so much.

When Isabell Agumbah was harassing me after I broke up with her, the deranged piece of shit said I was pedophile material”!!! This after I watched her daughter for 12+ hours a day while she was at work and also apparently out sleeping with Craig Hirsch and other men. It shows me how insanely evil this bitch is and how lucky I was to get away from her. This despicable sorry excuse for a human being would likely have gotten me in deep shit by fabricating false charges against me.

That is how totally positively evil Isabell Agumbah is and everyone would be better served staying as far away from her as possible.